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Key Publications

Key Publications: Project
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Gut Microbes

Immunostimulatory membrane proteins potentiate H. pylori-induced carcinogenesis by enabling CagA translocation


Varga MG, Wood CR, Butt J, Ryan ME, You W-C, Pan K, Waterboer T, Epplein M, and Shaffer CL


PLoS Pathogens

Helicobacter pylori exploits a unique repertoire of type IV secretion system components for pilus assembly at the bacteria-host cell interface

Shaffer CL, Gaddy JA, Loh JT, Johnson EM, Hill S, Hennig EE, McClain MS, McDonald WH, Cover TL

Cell Reports

In vivo structures of the Helicobacter pylori cag type IV secretion system


Chang YW*, Shaffer CL*, Rettberg LA, Ghosal D, Jensen GJ



Peptidomimetic small molecules disrupt type IV secretion system activity in diverse bacterial pathogens


Shaffer CL, Good JA, Kumar S, Krishnan KS, Gaddy JA, Loh JT, Chappell J, Almqvist F, Cover TL, Hadjifrangiskou M


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